Why Buy British Flowers?

Who doesn't like cut flowers in their home, or to receive flowers as a gift? I certainly do!


In Britain we have a great growing climate, the best gardeners and some of the best growers in world. We're reknowned for it. So why do we import so many flowers?

Most of us don't even think about where our flowers come from.  Currently nearly 90% of all flowers purchased in the UK are imported.

Just twenty years ago nearly all of the flowers on sale in the UK were grown in Britain from Cornwall to Scotland to Northern Ireland. Now most of our flowers come from Holland, Africa, Colombia, and Israel to name but a few. As a result many of British flower growers have gone out of business.


By buying locally grown flowers you'll be cutting 'flower miles' and supporting local producers. The flowers will be fresher and thus have a longer vase life Just think of the carbon footprint used for a standard vase of Roses.  And if that's not enough of a guilt trip, just think about the environmental damage caused by flying flowers across the globe that have been shipped in chemicals just to get to you.  Brecon Blooms is different.



My goal is to change the way in which flowers are purchased in Britain. So, my plan is to provide beautiful flowers that are locally grown, reduce our impact on the environment and save you time and money to boot. I know that buying flowers makes the recipient feel great -I'm doing what I can to make sure you feel good too.

Nr Brecon, Powys

Tel: 07917 641181

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