The power of flowers - #freetoagoodhome posies

Something extraordinary happened yesterday and I'd like to tell you about it...

After a busy few days over the weekend of Mother's Day, lots of flowery orders to arrange and deliver, I was left with about half a bucket of flowers. Just ones with stems a touch too short to use in bouquets and ones where I had cut too many (mostly the narcissi) from the cutting patch.

I really didn't want to chuck them on the compost heap as they were too good. So over an early morning cuppa I thought it would be a nice idea to make a few little posies with the leftover flowers and leave the posies in and around my Brecon (my local town.)

I left each posy in a busy'ish place with a little note saying 'free to a good home. I hope these flowers bring a smile to your face.'

I left a posy in the car park of the Doctor's surgery.

One on the pavement alongside Christ College

One outside the main entrance to Brecon War Memorial Hospital - I figured that if you were having to visit the hospital or surgery then your day isn't the best to start with.

Another one at the entrance to Bethel Square

And lastly one in the Cathedral car park

They were just small posies, wrapped in celophane with a bit of water in the bottom, nothing fancy. I really didn't expect any of the posies to be picked up but when I drove back around later in the day, to my surprise all the posies had gone.

Well the response has been truly amazing and I am a little bit overwhelmed by all the kind comments I have received on my Facebook page (if you'd like to read them then please take a look at Brecon blooms Facebook ).

The power of a few flowers to bring smiles to people's faces is wonderful. I love flowers and I'm so glad that these posies have brightened up the day for a few people in Brecon.

So much so that in future I will make more #freetoagoodhome posies and leave them in and around the Brecon area as and when I have a glut of flowers on the cutting patch. Next time you're in the Brecon area keep your eyes peeled - you may just spot one!

I just hope that my #freetoagoodhome posies continue to brighten Brecon and bring a few smiles.

Gotta love flowers to make people smile.


PS Sorry about the dodgy photos but it was a really cloudy day and I was in a rush as I was getting a few 'what's that odd woman doing with those flowers' type of looks.

#flowerposy #seasonalflowers #Freetoagoodhomeflowers #Breconflowers

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